What are the benefits of Installing a water filter system?

What are the benefits of Installing a water filter system?
April 26, 2019 dev
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At Aussie Filtration, one of the most common questions we receive is “Why are water filters so important to have at home?”. We’re lucky enough to have access to fresh water on tap, so what are the benefits of water filters here in Australia? It’s a great question, and they’re right, we do have access to “drinkable” water so we should consider ourselves lucky. But is it necessarily clean? Well, with a water filter it is. But there are other benefits to installing a water filter system too.

The Worlds Filling up with Plastic Fast

Let’s start with a very clear reason why water filters are straight up better. A water filter system doesn’t only benefit you, it benefits the world. The bottled water industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and there’s already too much plastic out there. By 2020 the global water market is expected to reach a value of 280 billion (in USD!). That’s because many people now believe that bottled water is the only way to gain access to genuinely cleaner and healthier water. But we can go one better, a water filter is even cleaner than drinking water from a throwaway plastic bottle that’ll end up in landfill with 80% of all the plastic bottles in existence today. So if you want to feel better about going green, a water filter is the way.

You’ll save money!

Do you know that water is on average $3 for every liter? That’s more expensive than petrol or milk. And still, the bottled water industry continues to grow. Do you know what that tells us? That people will do anything to ensure they have access to clean filtered water and the benefits that come with it. But what if we told you there are easier and far cheaper ways to gain access to filtered water? Well, we have a way. When you install a water filter in your home, that $3 you’re spending for a litre of water drops down to 1 cent per litre. On top of that, it can be delivered directly to your door, whenever you need free of charge!

It tastes & smells better.

One of the largest complaints we hear about tap water is that it smells like a pool or tastes metallic or dirty. We never receive those complaints about our water filters. Water filters provide clean water that tastes better and smells better. That’s because all the bacterial contaminant, chlorine and fluoride are reduced or removed altogether.

It’s Really Clean!

Drinking clean & filtered water rather than tap or bottled water protects your body from contaminants, disease and can lead to better health overall. With tap water, you have contaminants, fluoride, and other unknown nasties, and with bottles, you have the BPA issue and don’t even get us started on that.

Enjoy the benefits of water filters in your home today

The way we see it, investing in a water filter for your home is investing in your health, it’s also saving you money and helping you to truly enjoy water again. If you’re ready to take action on looking after your health, your wallet and your environment, content Aussie Filtration today to look at water filters right here in Australia.