6 Reasons to Buy a Whole House Filter Before Christmas

6 Reasons to Buy a Whole House Filter Before Christmas
December 20, 2019 dev
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Clean water is vital for everyone in your family. The gender and age of every member doesn’t matter at all, since everybody needs to eat, drink, wash their hands, bathe or shower at several points during the day. Indeed, the average daily water consumption of Australian households is about 900 litres. This amount can increase depending on the number of people at home. Water usage can also spike during gatherings like parties and reunions when everyone’s busy preparing food, among other activities.

Considering these factors, it’s not just logical but also wise to invest in water filtration systems. These include a whole-house filter that can remove chemicals, metals, and microorganisms from the water that flows through your entire home. If you haven’t got one yet, one of the best opportunities to do so is during the holidays, like Christmas, when everyone’s coming home for parties. Why? Here are a few reasons that might convince you to call water filter services and get that whole-house system installed.

Improved Health

Clean water isn’t only essential for drinking. It’s also a vital ingredient for cooking, especially for things like soups and pasta dishes. If you prepare and cook food with dirty, unfiltered water, not only will the taste be affected by chemicals and metals present in the water. The food will also likely carry microorganisms like bacteria that can cause a myriad of possible diseases. This concern also extends to the contamination of kitchen equipment and food containers. Various impurities can stick to the surfaces and get transferred to the ingredients and may even shorten the shelf life of foods.

In addition, the chemicals and other contaminants present in unclean water can remain on clothes even after you’ve washed them. These deposits can discolour your clothes and even lead to unpleasant smells. Worse, these deposits can also cause skin irritations, as well as trigger or worsen allergies. With contaminant-free water provided by a whole-house filter, you won’t have to worry about these health problems.

Skin- and Hair-Friendly Showers and Baths

Do you or your family members have rough, brittle, or easily tangled hair? Perhaps a bad case of dandruff? Are the teenagers suffering from acne and the babies from rashes and similar skin problems? Buying a whole-house filter might help solve these concerns. Of course, these hair and skin problems won’t magically go away overnight or even after a few days. It might take a while even if you’re using the proper products (along with an improved diet), but using clean, filtered water for showering, bathing, and washing goes a long way. With a whole-house water filter, you won’t be exposing your hair and skin to substances that can cause or exacerbate hair and skin problems.

With the help of a whole-house filter, you, your family, and your guests will also have less exposure to contaminants like chlorine and chloramines. These substances can cause eye and skin irritation and even lung problems that can quickly evolve into other worse conditions. Invest in everyone’s health and minimise the risks of health problems by getting a whole-house water filter.

Better-Tasting Coffee, Tea, and Other Beverages and Dishes

The logic to this is simple: the cleaner the water you use for cooking or preparing beverages, the better they will taste. It doesn’t matter if your guests or family members prefer a strong cup of coffee, a mild tea, or fruity juices. Using clean, fresh water that’s been filtered by a whole-house system ensures that every cup, mug, or glass of everyone’s favourite drink tastes wonderful. A whole-house water filter system can even improve the “taste” of plain drinking water. (Let’s face it: water is supposed to be tasteless but it does have a certain flavour depending on where it’s from.)

Of course, this better taste also translates into various dishes. Rice, pasta, soups and sauces, practically any dish that needs water will have an improved flavour when you use clean, filtered water in preparing and cooking them. They may even look better, since the water you’ll be using won’t have any contaminants that can cause “stains.”

Cost-Saving Beverages

In relation to the previous point, buying a whole-house filter means you’ll save time, effort, and money when you prepare beverages. This is because you’re sure that each and every drop is clean. As a result, there’ll be no need to boil, use cloth filters, or utilise any other mechanism to ensure the purity of the water you use. Indeed, with clean, pure-tasting water, you might not even want to go for any other beverage. Just plain, ice-cold water would be enough to quench your thirst.

Longer Life of Water-Using Appliances

Appliances are popular gifts during the holidays. Maybe you’ve bought your sister a coffee maker or your mom a sparkling new dishwasher at one point. Well, you should also think about gifting them a whole-house water filter system. Why? Water that’s free from contaminants like minerals and metals can prolong the life of appliances that use water. There’s a low risk or even zero risk of sediment build-up, and there’s no need to worry about chlorine or hard water stains that can damage or deface these appliances. In turn, you can expect these appliances to operate at peak performance for years.

Hassle-Free Gift-Giving

For all of the above-mentioned reasons, a whole-house filter is the perfect gift for your family. Everyone can enjoy it, everyone can benefit from it, and you’re sure that they’ll be using it. It’s really a gift that keeps on giving. Moreover, with proper maintenance provided by professional water filter services providers, you can be sure that your whole-house filter will last for a very long time.

As you can see, a whole-house filter system is an ideal addition to your home. It’s not a “just because” thing. There’s a lot of advantages to be enjoyed by you and your family when you buy a whole-house filter. Some of these benefits will be immediately visible, and some might take more time. Nonetheless, these benefits are easily appreciable and will have long-lasting effects. What more can you ask for? So go ahead and get in touch with your water filter services provider and discuss the installation of a whole-house filter for your home. For sure, your family will be able to enjoy the holidays even more!