What is the Best Water Filter in Australia?

What is the Best Water Filter in Australia?
March 20, 2020 dev
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Most Australians have access to clean water for drinking straight from the tap. Thanks to Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, you’re sure to get a glassful of water that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or pathogenic microorganisms.

However, the water that comes out from many taps in Perth and throughout Australia is far from perfect. This is because having clean and safe tap water requires certain additives and may still carry contaminants. For example, you might notice a lingering odour of disinfectants such as chlorine and fluoride. There may also be impurities in the water that might make it look less-than-clear even though it’s already clean. Thus, there are those that still opt to contact water filters Perth providers. With a water filtering system in place, some people feel more at ease about their health.

The Dangers of Unclean, Contaminated Water

Various health concerns arise from unclean water. First, there could be pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses living in the water supply. These microorganisms can make hundreds or even thousands of people sick at the same time. Removing these microorganisms from the water supply is the primary concern of authorities.

After eliminating microbiological risks, there are still chemical hazards that can slip through undetected. For example, in rural areas and farmlands, traces of pesticides, herbicides, and fertiliser can leach into waterways. Certain chemical by-products can also cause diseases, especially in young children and the elderly.

Certified Water Filter Providers

The above-mentioned dangers can be present even in places with passably clean tap water. This is the primary reason why there are still a lot of people who consider water filters essential. If you’re inclined to get a water filter yourself, make sure to work with a credible water filter company. Look for certifications; responsible water filter companies will have them. These certifications will serve as a guarantee that the water filters you buy meet strict water filtration standards.

Certified water filter companies can also provide sound advice on what kind of water treatment system you need. You might think that you need a 5-stage system, but a more affordable 4-stage system may suffice. If you’re satisfied with the water quality you have at home, a simpler water filter system may help improve the taste or smell of water.

What Type of Water Filter is Best?

The “best” water filter is dependent on your needs. Do you need to remove chemical and microbial contaminants? Do you only want to improve your water supply’s appearance, odour, and taste? These are just a few of the questions that you need to answer. Again, certified water filter providers can help you figure out these details.

Some types of water filters you can choose from include jug filters, tap-mounted filters, counter-top filters, and under-sink filters. You can also opt for stand-alone filters if you want to have a hot-and-cold or a cool-and-cold system.

Clean water is one of life’s most basic necessities. With the help of the best water filters in Perth, you can further improve the quality of your water supply and thus further improve your quality of life.