Under sink Water Filters

Should you buy an under sink water filter system for your home? Here at Aussie Natural, we pride ourselves on delivering the best in all of your water filtration needs. Including our space & energy efficient, under counter & under-sink water filter systems & purifiers, at the best possible prices in Australia.

Our under sink water filters are incredibly versatile systems ranging from single to multi-system setups that easily remove all the contaminants that your regular water supply usually contains. These systems are one of the most popular choices for water filtration systems as they’re installed neatly out of sight, providing more bench space as well as providing your home with the necessary requirement of clean & pure, contaminant-free drinking water.

How Under Sink Water Filters Work

A range of methods is used for filtering water under the sink. The most universal method, however, is to simply divert the water from the main water supply under the sink using a watermark certified metal connection. A food grade, BPA free tube is then sent from the connection to the filters purifying cartridge when all the chemicals and contaminants are removed. From here the water is directed to the filter tap at the faucet where fresh, pure water is dispensed.

These under sink water filters come in a range of different sizes and designs using premium carbon filtration to remove chlorine, pesticides, lead and parasites from your tap water, as well as providing a cleaner taste, straight from the tap.

Things to Consider when investing in Under Sink Water Filters

  • Size
  • Ease of Installation and filter change
  • Filtering Capacity
  • Cartridge Longevity
  • Water Pressure

If you want to improve the quality of your water and you’re looking to buy an under sink water filter, Aussie Natural Water Filtration can provide you with the expert advice and installation required to ensure your under sink water filter is the right size and fit for your needs and space limitation. With single and double under sink options, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. If you can’t find what you are looking for by scrolling down and looking at our products, it might be best to give us a call so our expert technicians can help you to determine what under sink water filter will be best for you.

Give Aussie Natural Water Filtration a call to get your under sink water filter installed today and start enjoying the benefits. These easy install, space saving, and convenient filters are an essential investment for every home.

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