Water Filter

Water Filter

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    3 of the Best Ways to get Filtered Water at Home

    So you’ve heard about the benefits of filtered water, and you know you want it in your life. Now it’s…

    by Dilate Manager
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    Everything you need to know about Drinking Water! Distilled, Purified, or Filtered?

    With so many different types of water being thrown around: filtered, distilled, purified, who’s to say which one is best…

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    Pure Clean Water Helps Your Body With Detoxifying

    It’s well known that water plays an important role for every human, from hydrating the body to how it functions.…

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    Balance Your Mind, Body & Soul with Zip HydroTap

    The Aussie Filtration Zip HydroTap life-changing water tap design that can help complete any house that is persuing a luxury…

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    The Ultimate Guide for Cold Water Filtration

    A lot of us don’t really think about the mechanics of a cold water filtration system. We just get a…

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    How Does a Hot and Cold Water Filter Dispenser Actually Work?

    Have you ever wondered how hot and cold water dispensers work? Perhaps not. As long as you get water on-demand…

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    Do Water Filters Work

    In Australia, tap water is generally clean and safe to drink. This is largely thanks to the Australian Drinking Water…

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    What is the Best Water Filter in Australia?

    Most Australians have access to clean water for drinking straight from the tap. Thanks to Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, you’re…

  • Cold Water Filtration System

    How to Choose the Best Water Filter

    Choosing the right water filter will mean you and your family get continuing access to fresh, clean, and safe drinking…

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    6 Reasons to Buy a Whole House Filter Before Christmas

    Clean water is vital for everyone in your family. The gender and age of every member doesn’t matter at all,…