Upgrade Your Workspace: Get Rid Of The Kettle!

Upgrade Your Workspace: Get Rid Of The Kettle!
August 14, 2020 dev
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A kettle has been a beloved and integral part of any kitchen but with the increasing innovation of water dispensers that position might have been overrun. All households around the world know how useful kettles are and how they have been the main source of providing hot water for all the teas and coffees around the globe. Knowing this, what happens when water dispensers in Perth have made every kettle lose its crown of being the fastest hot water providing appliance?

The Water Dispensers Available To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Proposing that our water dispensers are better than your kettle is a bold statement but we think after you read some more you will understand why this is potentially true. A kettle being able to provide hot water is all it does, outside being an odd fashion statement of a water bottle, but other than that it is where the kettles use ends. On the other side are the water dispensers and other water dispensers in Perth that offer more than one available option and each having 1 or 2 different water temperatures available.

So what’s available for an offer from the Aussie Filtration Selection?:

Cool And Cold Water Dispenser

This cool and cold water dispenser is great for the everyday household where the sun is unforgiving. Though this might not replace the kettle unlike the other variant, this option is perfect for when it’s a hot day and you need cold water. Just imagine having some cool, clean and refreshing water after having to deal with a sun that feels like a sauna. 

Hot And Cold Water Dispenser

Now we move onto the selection that will make your kettle take the back seat, the hot and cold water dispenser is a great addition to any kitchen that wants an upgrade. This variant offers both hot water and cold water as well. It can both provide your hot chocolates and coffee with the hot water it needs while also offering a cold beverage on a hot day. If you are looking for a water dispenser that can do both extremes you need this hot and cold water dispenser.

Our Water Dispensers Pay For Themselves

Having a water dispenser is more cost-effective than you might think as they pretty much pay for themselves over time. How does that work you wonder, well have you ever wondered how much electricity a kettle draws? Kettles have to draw A LOT of electrical power to heat the base so much so that it can get your water boiling in minutes, this takes huge bursts of electricity. That’s already a bunch of costs that are saved from using Aussie Filtrations design. 

Aussie Filtration has combined innovation with its water dispenser design to help reduce the costs for all the users. This way you can get everything you need that your kettle and ice cubes provide without having to use the extra energy so over time this water dispenser helps pay for itself.

Now the best part of the water dispenser hasn’t been discussed so keep reading. Buying water bottles can often cause a lot of unnecessary costs and more so if you want to heat them or cool them down. So when you buy bulk water containers for a very affordable price from Aussie Filtration that too ends up helping make the costs very little because you are paying for water jugs and the machine effectively changes the water temperature when you need it.

Fast And Easy Access To Both Extremes

One thing that a kettle is good at is providing hot water, but have you considered how long it takes just to heat the water. If you knew that the Aussie Filtration hot and cold water dispensers in Perth could provide you with both of these extremes with very quick results then that alone makes it worth the switch.

With hot and cold water being available instantly, you can understand why this product might be a perfect trade-off for your slow kettle. What else makes both of the Aussie Filtration water dispenser variants so great is how easily accessible it is for everyone. Great for when you are hosting parties and you need water easily available for everyone attending.

With that, we move onto the last aspect of why water dispensers are a great option to replace your kettle.

Clean and Filtered Water Available Anytime

After everything that was talked about before you probably are surprised to hear that there is more to offer if you switch over to the Aussie Filtration water dispensers in Perth. The water that is released in either hot, cool or cold goes through a filtering process so that the water that leaves is completely clean. We want the water that you drink to be refreshing and help make your day better and knowing that it is all clean and filtered will help put your mind at ease. All of this is of course easily available with quick access anytime you want, just make sure to have some water tubs spare in case you need a quick refill.

So switch over from the kettle to a water dispenser or have a water dispenser separate handy whenever you need it.