How Do Cold Water Filter Dispensers Work?

How Do Cold Water Filter Dispensers Work?
March 19, 2019 dev
Cold Water Filtration

Water is the most important liquid that is needed by the human body as it helps regulate its temperature and sustain other bodily functions. It is, however, important to take note of that the water we need to drink needs to be pristine and clean as polluted isn’t just dirty but also quite deadly. To ensure that the water is free from bacteria, most homeowners resort to cold water filter dispenser as it has the capability to produce clear quality water that is convenient and can easily be accessed by anyone. In fact, cold water filtration systems are also at the center of eliminating waste and reducing the carbon footprint of the water supply.

In choosing a cold water dispenser with filter, it is always most desirable to know the basics and other particulars of a dispenser to find the right cooling system for your home.  Water filter dispensers come in a variety of shapes and models such as mounted, point-of-use, and bottled dispensers. It is essential to remember that different dispensers serve different purposes.

Some water dispensers bring water directly from a city water line while other types of water filter cooler dispenser provide pristine and filtered water from a replaceable bottle. Interestingly enough, several dispensers provide functions such as cooling water, heating water, and filtering water. To find the most ideal cooling system for a typical household, it is always best to evaluate the average water your family needs.

Types of Water Filter Cooler Dispenser

Mounted Water Dispensers

Mounted water dispenser which is also commonly known as water fountains is a type of cold water filter dispenser that is either installed on a wall or can be free-standing on the ground. Normally, mounted water dispensers are usually connected into a city’s water supply which means that it is not typically filtered, cooled or heat. Put simply, the water is cold on cold days and warm on temperate days.

Point-of-Use Water Dispensers

Similar to mounted water dispensers, point-of-use water systems are also tapped in the city’s water supply. Nonetheless, this specific type of water filter cooler dispenser is much more convenient to use thanks to the unlimited supply it provides and its ability to heat or cool in a water tank. In addition, point-of-use water dispensers also produce filtered water that is coming from the water line, thus, guaranteeing safe and healthy drinking water. Best of all, point-of-use water dispensers also come with electrical-powered filters to refine tap water systems.

Bottled Dispensers

Bottled dispensers, on the other hand, produces high-quality filtered water. However, bottled dispensers require more maintenance compared to the previous two dispensers mentioned since bottle service is typically needed to assure that a sufficient amount of water service is available. Ordinarily, cold water filtration companies install a five-gallon water dispenser tank to avoid water shortage. Furthermore, bottled water dispensers are normally made up of a refrigerating system to cool water and a water heater to heat H2O as well as a tap and a knob to release and dispense water respectively.