Hot and cold water dispenser – Hydrating Productivity

Hot and cold water dispenser – Hydrating Productivity
April 16, 2018 dev

The addition of a hot and cold-water dispenser to any office is a welcome one. Long hot summer days call for instant access to a chilled drink while hot H20 on tap ensures minimal operational downtime and maximum caffeine charged workers! Access to fresh cold water also contributes to a workforce that is hydrated, healthier and more productive; ultimately they will get more done on your watch! Forget the saying time is money; water is!

Hot And Cold Water Dispenser

In fact, a water filter that dispenses in both hot and cold is as useful in a busy home as an office and guarantees that you always have better tasting water in an instant. Available in either free standing or benchtop models, most hot and cold dispensers tuck in snugly to any space. Smaller apartments and offices can be revived instantly with the addition of a freshwater filtration system, as it reduces the need for clunky kettles and bottled water. Get creative with your bubbler and use it whip up instant noodles and soups. A hot water dispenser sounds like a dream addition to any college dormitory in fact!

Other than the freshest tasting water, our dispensers are built for the economical use of energy, through efficient insulation capabilities. The environment is your friend now that you are the proud owner of a hot and cold dispenser, as you can bid farewell to expensive shop bought water. By choosing a plumbed in option, your mouth will never be dry; once there is water flowing from your tap, you will have filtered water from your dispenser. With a recommended intake of a minimum of two litres of the clear stuff per day, easy access to fresh, clean water is ideal.

From a social perspective, a hot and cold-water bubble provides even more opportunities for awkward interactions among your staff members. For the fun-loving office manager, this reason alone is enough to order a filtered water system. If grabbing a quick cup of water isn’t ample time for team members to discuss the weekend’s events, those extra seconds preparing a cup of tea will be. Having the one hub that provides access to both cooling water and the makings of a hot beverage means increased footfall and less opportunity for that staff member to avoid your queries about their overdue reports!

Aussie Natural Filtration offers affordable solutions for all of your drinking water needs. Servicing the Perth area, we have a team of highly trained plumbers, experienced in the installation of our systems. Contact us today for a quote, and in no time you will be enjoying fresh filtered water on tap! Or should we say on dispenser!