Hot and Cold Water Dispenser for the Office Win

Hot and Cold Water Dispenser for the Office Win
May 1, 2018 dev

There is competition out there to have an excellent office set up. Job seekers are now looking for more than high pay and maximum annual leave; great office perks and culture are gaining traction as essential draw cards. From a beer fridge for Fridays, hot and cold water dispensers and even yoga classes on the job, there is an endless range of little perks that jazz up an office. We have a rundown of some the top ones.

Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Water on Tap

This perk may seem obvious, but it is beneficial to have a hot and cold water dispenser in the office. Your staff need to be kept hydrated and in caffeine, and having access to a water filter hot and cold dispenser is super handy. Place a couple around the office to encourage walking!

Fruit Frenzy

Access to fruit is a super simple way to keep staff happy. There are lots of options online whereby you can order a fruit hamper for direct delivery to the office, otherwise why not hit up local markets for good value produce. Fruit is an excellent substitute for sugary snacks; particularly important when the 3 pm slump attacks!


With flexibility emerging as one of the top treats that staff want in work, offering a work schedule that is adaptable is always a winner. Speak with your team and see what options suit different members; perhaps collectively you can work out a plan that allows everyone a little more freedom to work in a way that fits their lives.

Time Out

Volunteering is important to lots of people but finding the time to do it can be difficult sometimes. Employers that offer some form of leave that enables people to volunteer during work time are in demand. Why not look at volunteer leave to increase retention and staff well-being.

Gym It!

In keeping with the theme of health and well-being, employees appreciate free or discounted gym memberships. Most gym facilities offer some form of corporate membership pricing, and while it will cost you in the short term, you can enjoy happier and healthier staff in the long run.

Professional Development

Enabling and empowering staff to develop professionally is a sign of a great leader. Employees thrive when they feel that they are progressing and providing them with access to professional development opportunities is one way to facilitate progression.

The team at Aussie Natural Filtration hope these perks have given you some food for thought and going forward you might consider implementing some of these benefits into your workplace. While we cannot provide you with food, we can bring the water, so contact us today to chat about water filter cooler dispensers and other fresh water solutions!