Maximise your space with a water dispenser

Maximise your space with a water dispenser
April 16, 2018 dev

Did you know that a water filter cooler dispenser is better for your health and the environment? By drinking exclusively from such a dispenser, you can be confident that you are consuming the highest quality water. With an increase in the number of cases of contaminations, more and more people are turning to alternative sources to get their hydration from, be it dispenser or bottle. Arsenic, asbestos, giardia and copper are just some chemicals and contaminants that have been found to be present in our drinking water. The health effects of consuming some of these substances vary from a sick tummy to illnesses that are more sinister. It is good to have a snapshot understanding of the potential dangers of consuming such contaminants so you can make an informed decision as to whether you are comfortable to drink tap water.

Water Dispensers

Consuming bottled water is a growing issue in itself, as the plastics place a burden on our environment. When we look at the pollution of our oceans, it seems that the solution is, in fact, a large part of the problem. We have created a vicious cycle of perceived healthier options by consuming bottled water, thus adding to the pollution that we are so fearful of in the first instance.

A hot and cold water dispenser is a solution that is very viable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. With the addition of many chemical nasties, tap water can be harbouring substances that your body does not want or need. A water filter cooler dispenser can give you comfort that you are drinking clean and fresh water, at a fraction of the cost of bottled.
We have to get smart in Australia. The environmental impact of our plastic consumption is startling and is in part due to our growing conscience when it comes to eating and drinking clean. It is fantastic that we are becoming more empowered to invest more in our health and wellbeing, but in this process, we are spending more and more on products that affecting our beautiful country.

While there are water filter cooler dispensers that are complete with large plastic water bottle, the impact of this is less than its equivalent in single-serve bottles. Furthermore, there is an option of plumbing in a dispenser that feeds directly from your tap, without the use of any bottles. This is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of looking after our health. The benefits of using a hot and cold-water dispenser extend further than just convenience. Owning a dispenser is a great first step in doing your bit for the preservation of our country, becoming more efficient with our resources, and taking ownership of what we put into our body.

Aussie Natural Filtrations offer both freestanding and bench-mounted options. The choice enables you to maximise your space while providing your family or staff members with high quality, chemical free water.