Pure Water Is Essential for Healthy Baby Growth

Pure Water Is Essential for Healthy Baby Growth
May 2, 2019 dev
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It’s no secret, water is a necessity to support life, but did you know it’s also essential to support growth? Water is one of the key elements in ensuring our body functions efficiently, and even more essential for growing children. Even though our bodies are more water than anything else, the percentage is far higher in babies and young children.

Even though you may be stocking your children up with plenty of water throughout the day, not all water sources are created equal. The water you get from your tap is different than the water you get from a bottle, and the water you get from a is different once again. Ideally, you want a water source that gives you access to the freshest, cleanest, most pure water. This is the water that’s going to provide all of the essential vitamins and minerals that water is known for. These vitamins and minerals are absolutely crucial for basic humans functioning. So how do you ensure you are receiving the good, healthy water opposed to the water that carries harmful germs, contaminants and possible life-threatening diseases such as jaundice, typhoid, giardia, diarrhea or cholera? You invest in a water purifier. Aussie Natural filtration provides water purifiers in Perth for the home and office so you can have pure water wherever you are.

Why is a water purifier so important for growing children though? Here are a few obvious reasons pure water is essential for their growth.

Reduces Dehydration

Growing infants and children are less tolerant of heat than adults. Including this with their extreme growth spurts and constant physical exertion, access to pure water filled with the right vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy, growing bodies, and decreasing chances of dehydration.

Boosts Their Immunity

If you’ve got kids of your own, you probably know by now that growing infants children are more incredibly vulnerable to flu, colds, and viral fevers more than adults. Ways to combat their susceptibility to illness is to strengthen their immunity. One of the simplest ways to do this is to fill them up with purified water, that’s because water is a natural immunity booster ensuring all bodily functions work effectively and circulating oxygen around the body to body cells for healthy cell growth.

Assists Quick Recovery

Not only does water have disease combating properties, but it also aids in helping the body to heal quicker from injuries and health ailments. A simple act of increasing your child’s water intake directly following an injury or illness such as headaches, fevers, indigestion, colds or infections can be radically beneficial in reducing pain whilst boosting a faster recovery period. Not only this, drinking more water during this period ensures their body cells maintain the correct amount of fluids and electrolytes to help your child remain more active and alert.

How much water should your child drink?

There’s absolutely no set formula for how much water your child should drink daily. In truth everyone is different, but experts do recommend roughly 8-10 glasses of purified water every day, so that’s a good place to start. From there, you can factor in your child’s age, weight, general thirst level, and activity level to determine whether they may need a bit more. But however many glasses they might need of water, you want to ensure it’s coming from a water purifier for the best and healthiest growth results.

Ensure your child grows healthily with Aussie Natural filtration’s water purifier products whether you’re in Perth, or elsewhere in Australia, we can supply purified water products directly to your door. Call today to find out more.