How to Install Cold Water Filter System

How to Install Cold Water Filter System
August 29, 2019 dev
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Keeping cool and hydrated in the Land Down Under is no light task, especially as it applies to Western Australian. The summer months in this region can be exceptionally brutal, with Perth alone sometimes registering temperatures above 40° Celsius. It may be easy to say that we should protect ourselves from the heat and replenish our bodies’ essential fluids by drinking lots of water, but exactly how easy is it for the average Western Australian to find cool, clean, and healthy water that is truly to their taste?  

At Aussie Natural Filtration, we believe that it’s easier than ever. We’ve made it our goal to pass on our knowledge of cold water filtration systems and make such products readily available to our customers in Perth. All you need to do is type “cold water filtration Perth” in the search engine of your choice, and we’d come up as the top provider of cold water filtration systems in the city. With product quality assurance and excellent customer service on our side, we’ve become true cold water filtration specialists in Perth, helping many customers get pure, great-tasting water every day. 

In this feature, we’ll discuss why owning a cold water dispenser with a filtration system is ideal for many residential and commercial applications. 

What Big Benefits Are There to Cold Water Filtration?

First-time owners of a cold water filtration system may wonder how much of a difference it will really make, considering tap water in Perth is already as safe to drink as tap water in other parts of Australia. As a matter of fact, it can help you in more ways than one! Here are three reasons why having your own cold water dispenser with a filter works to your advantage.

  • Cold water filtration ensures that the water you drink is cleaner and healthier. A cold water dispenser outfitted with its own filtration system—for example, Aussie Natural Filtration’s 5-micron carbon block filter and 1-micron sediment filter—can screen out various inorganic chemicals and biological contaminants of minuscule sizes. It is scientifically proven that filtered cold water can improve your brain health, guard you against waterborne diseases, and afford your body the hydration it needs, especially under Western Australia’s often unforgiving climate.


  • Liquid that’s undergone cold water filtration is tastier and more refreshing. A cold water filtration system does not only remove pathogens and unwanted chemicals from your drinking water, it also screens out the chlorine, fluoride, and other substances commonly added to municipal water, which may leave the water with an unpleasant and metallic aftertaste. Cold filtered water will taste delicious and refreshing from the dispenser tap, and it will be ready for you to drink straight or to use as a base for another drink.


  • Having a cold water filter system is convenient, energy-efficient, and kinder to the environment. Having a designated cold water dispenser in your home or office will prove convenient for everyone who will be drinking from it. It helps decrease the need to buy bottled water or drinks in disposable packaging, thus lowering your home or office’s environmental footprint. In addition, if you choose Aussie Natural Filtration’s energy-efficient solutions, you will also enjoy the benefit of lower energy costs, in addition to reducing your carbon footprint. 


Steps to Installing Your Very Own Cold Water Filtration System

Luckily for our Perth-based customers, installing a cold water dispenser with a filter is a fairly straightforward and trouble-free process. If you’ve got a supplier like Aussie Natural Filtration on board, all you’ll need to do is find an appropriate space for the product, clear it from hazards, and take part in the regular upkeep of the cold water filter system.

Here are Aussie Natural Filtration’s tips on overseeing complete installation of a water dispenser in your home or office. 

  1. Call us and tell us exactly what you need. As your chosen cold water filtration specialists, we’ll take the lead in sourcing the right system for your property, installing it, and providing after-sales services like maintenance and repairs. Don’t hesitate to ask us for product recommendations or details on how we’ll go about the installation.

  3. Allot enough space for the cold water filter system. We pride ourselves on sourcing cold water dispenser systems that deliver superior economy of space. Your new cold water filtration system won’t eat up a lot of room at all. However, please choose an area that is free from clutter, and one with firm and level flooring.

  5. Find an appropriate power socket. We will let you know of the power requirements needed to install and safely use your new cold water dispenser. For starters, make sure that your chosen location for your water dispenser is of reasonable distance from appliances that use flame or heat.

  7. Adhere to safety best practices around the product. Once your cold water dispenser is properly fitted into its designated space, inform your family, friends, coworkers, or anyone else who will come in contact with the dispenser to observe best safety practices. Don’t let young children near the electrical components, and never handle the device’s electrical cord with wet hands. Extra care should be observed if your cold water dispenser also has a hot water dispenser.

  9. Keep in regular contact with us to switch out the dispenser’s filter or request other maintenance services. For the most part, using the cold water dispenser will be a breeze. But you will need to be conscientious about its upkeep, since you cannot use the same filters for months on end. Please ring us up when it’s time for regular maintenance, and we’ll help you complete the filter replacement process.
  10. With these five simple steps taken care of, your cold water dispenser will keep you comfortably hydrated no matter where you use it!

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