3 of the Best Ways to get Filtered Water at Home

3 of the Best Ways to get Filtered Water at Home
October 22, 2020 dev
Whole House Water Filter System

So you’ve heard about the benefits of filtered water, and you know you want it in your life. Now it’s just a question of how. To the rescue are three types of filtration systems that, depending on your setup and personal needs, can deliver safe, fresh, and delicious filtered water to you and your family.

  1. Standalone filters

If you’re chasing chilled, hot, or room temperature water, the Aussie Natural Filtration standalone system is a no-fuss solution with minimal installation costs. The unit itself is easily plugged in and works quickly and silently. Aussie Natural Filtration’s hot and cold water dispensers are also extremely energy efficient and will work to provide on-demand water solutions. Inside the unit is a 2-stage filtration system including a 5 Micron Carbon Block Filter and a Micron Sediment Filter. These work in tandem to provide clean and tasty water.

The benefit of the standalone system is that it’s easy to use, and for a quick cup of coffee or tea, the hot water solution works to deliver 80-90 degree water temperatures which is ideal for a warm beverage. Hot summer months demand a cool refreshing drink, and the days of filling up bottles and leaving it in the fridge are over. Get cool refreshing water on tap with a temperature range of 4-12 degrees. For those space savvy people this may not be ideal, given the unit takes up 1 square foot of room. However, it is perfect for families who want the kids to be able to reach the water too. 

  1. In-line and under sink filters

If you’re after a subtle, unnoticeable filtration system, Aussie Natural Filtration offers a range of solutions that live conveniently under your sink. Out of sight and out of mind, these systems work to deliver excellent taste by filtering mains water and removing all dust, dirt, and harmful particles. Kicking off this range is the PureMix X7 with four filtration stages working to deliver perfectly clean, fresh tasting water from your tap. Be it in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry, there’s no need for a separate filter tap, all the water that comes out will be of the highest quality. For a localised and efficient system, this is your best option.

For a higher level of filtration, the under sink Reverse Osmosis Filtration System removes up to 98% of impurities including salts, dissolved metals, chlorine, and fluoride. Reverse Osmosis is one of the best filtration systems on the market and promises to deliver the safest, most delicious water. 

If you want ultimate peace of mind when it comes to your water supply you may want to consider installing Aussie Natural’s Whole House Water Filter System. For those wanting a comprehensive approach to water filtration, this is your solution. While being a little pricier compared to a single under-sink filter, it’s an efficient system that benefits the entire household. From showering, washing your hands to your morning coffee, everything is safe and delicious. Here’s more on why it’s healthier to have filtered water available throughout your home. 

  1. Filter taps 

For the modern kitchen, a filter tap delivering chilled, sparkling, and hot water instantly and effectively is a game-changer. For quick access and with the option of different temperatures and automatic carbonation, our range of filter taps brings the latest technology to your home. Pros include a simple elegant design with multiple colour options to complement any kitchen. This is the easiest system to use with the entire family benefiting from a constant source of safe drinking water. 

If you’re wanting something more subtle and don’t want an extra tap, you may prefer to opt for a more localised under-sink or in-line solution. However, the filter taps do bring a level of utility and class along with them and are far more versatile with the type and temperature of the water. 


Is distilled and filtered water the same?

While distilled water and filtered water are technically both types of purified water, distilled water is far more chemically ‘pure’ than filtered water, having undergone a process of distillation that removes all minerals and other contaminants. While technically of a higher purity, distilled water removes all the healthy bits that make water taste good. 


The bottom line

Finding the right filtered water for your home is one step closer to a healthier lifestyle. Having access to clean, fresh water that you know is free from chemicals like chlorine and fluoride is important in a time where your health matters more than ever. Ultimately, everyone is different and your family’s needs and setup will differ from the next. That’s why at Aussie Natural Filtration we strive to combine the latest technology with the most advanced filtration systems available delivering products that can cater to your individual needs. The team here at Aussie Natural Filtration is ready to answer your questions and deliver quality filtration to your home – all you need to do is reach out.