How Does a Hot and Cold Water Filter Dispenser Actually Work?

How Does a Hot and Cold Water Filter Dispenser Actually Work?
April 14, 2020 dev
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Have you ever wondered how hot and cold water dispensers work? Perhaps not. As long as you get water on-demand for your needs, you probably don’t think about how it got hot or cold. However, you might be surprised by how fascinating the filtering process truly is. It might sound simple and its results are almost instant, but your hot and cold water filter is a real hard-worker. Here’s a quick look at the inner workings of your hot and cold water filter dispenser

What Happens Every Time You Press the Tap and Pour a Cup of Water?

When you press the corresponding tap, your hot and cold water filter dispenser will draw in water from a source, usually a rising main. The water then passes through a two-stage activated carbon filter. This is what removes a large number of contaminants, including chlorine, sediments, and volatile organic compounds of VOCs. This results in the improved taste and odour of the water.

For hot water, after passing through the two-stage activated carbon filter, the water will flow through the heating element. This is similar to the filament in electric kettles. The water gets heated up to 94°C, which is ideal for making coffee, tea, and other hot beverages. The temperature also kills any remaining bacteria and other harmful microorganisms in the water.

Meanwhile, for chilled or cold water, the water gets treated using UV light. This destroys the DNA of water-borne bacteria and viruses, essentially killing them by removing their capacity to reproduce. After UV filtration, the water will then be chilled either by vapour compression or thermoelectric cooling. If your hot and cold water filter has an option for sparkling drinks, the carbon dioxide gets added after the water is cooled.

The Versatility of Hot and Cold Water Dispensers

When you consider its versatility, it’s definitely worth getting a hot and cold water filter dispenser. Perth homes and offices will particularly appreciate one with a higher cups-per-hour capacity, which is especially beneficial for large households and busy workplaces.

What’s great about hot and cold water filter dispensers is that they give you water in the exact temperatures you need. For hot beverages, the water gets heated exactly to 94°C. This prevents coffee or tea from tasting burnt or bitter. Indeed, coffee and tea lovers will love not just the precise heat but also the quick results. You can also use the hot water to cut down the time you need to prepare meals or ingredients, or even for simple sanitisation.

For cold water, the benefits are obvious. You don’t need to place a glass or pitcher of water inside the fridge to cool it. Just press a button and you have a refreshingly cold drink. Much like hot water, you can also use the cold water from the dispenser for various recipes. You can also turn to your dispenser when you’re in need of quick relief from injuries like burns or sprains.

How to Choose the Right Water Dispenser

The “right” water dispenser is highly subjective. It all depends on your needs. Are you quite satisfied with the quality of your water for basic tasks like washing the dishes? Then a hot and cold water dispenser is perfect for your drinking and cooking needs. Do you want to minimise scaling and “soften” your water? An alkaline water filter or ioniser is the best choice.

Remember that there’s no single water filter that can eliminate every single contaminant in your water. Indeed, even a hot and cold water dispenser uses at least two different methods of filtration. Thus, the first step to figure out the right water dispenser for your needs is to have your water analysed. Once you know what’s in your water, you’ll be able to prioritise and choose the most suitable option. Of course, you should also consider your budget and the amount of water you need.

Clean water is crucial for good health. When you know how exactly water becomes clean and safe for consumption, it’s easier for us to appreciate its importance.