Why You Need a Water Filter Even If You Live in Australia

Why You Need a Water Filter Even If You Live in Australia
July 5, 2019 dev
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Australia may be known as the driest inhabitable continent on earth, but its rapid consumption of water has necessitated one of the world’s most dependable tap water systems as well. According to Infrastructure Australia, the country’s urban water system serves more than 20 million people. Both residential and commercial properties all throughout the country enjoy safe, potable, and accessible tap water any time they need it—something which cannot yet be said of every country in the world. 

That said, there’s the tacit assumption that tap water will suffice for any occasion. Because tap water in Australia is treated against contaminants with chemicals like chlorine and fluoride, it’s technically safe to drink right out of the faucet. But many Australians dislike the heavy, metallic taste that results from the chemical treatment of their tap water; if given the chance to drink purified water from other sources, such as commercial drinking water sold in plastic bottles, they would opt for it. 

This is where Aussie Natural Filtration seeks to change things, especially for residents of the Perth area. We are a leading supplier of water filter accessories in Perth, and we believe that access to healthy and pure-tasting filtered water is just one reasonable investment away. Whether it’s for water filter systems for the office or water filtration units for home use, we strive to outfit Western Australians with solutions that are a step up from the default. 

Yes, even in a state that deploys a competent tap water system, there is still considerable value in installing a water filter of your own. Here are some more benefits to purchasing a water filtration system, courtesy of Perth-based water specialists Aussie Natural Filtration. 

  1. You’ll get even more insulation against waterborne pathogens. A water filter will act as a second screen against the contaminants that are treated in ordinary tap water, which in turn heightens your protection against illnesses. This ensures that you have access to even healthier water for your children, as well as the sick or elderly members of your family. These are the people in your household who cannot afford to be drinking water of variable quality. 
  2. The right equipment will optimise energy efficiency within the property. There are some good investments to be made on energy efficiency when you buy top-quality water filter accessories in Perth. For example, Aussie Natural Filtration’s hot and cold water system utilises insulation technology that cuts down on energy consumption. The filter system may be capable of minimising energy use better than your default tap fixtures—and considering how high energy bills can get in Australia, those savings are sure to be very welcome on your pocket.
  3. You’re guaranteed the pure, fresh taste of water anytime you wish. Filtered water will eliminate the unpleasant mineral flavours that you associate with the tap. When you upgrade your water system to a filtered one, you’ll get a clean and refreshing taste on your water that’s good for straight drinking, gargling, or incorporating into your favourite dishes and drinks.
  4. You’ll save on bottled water expenses, and you’ll be kinder on our planet as well. A person’s preference to drink commercially available bottled water over tap water is not only detrimental to the environment due to the plastic pollution it engenders, it’s also bad for that particular individual’s budget. As per Greenpeace, the average Australian can produce as much as 1.5 tonnes of waste per year. Moreover, data from the Australian Museum estimate 11% of the country’s household waste to be of the plastic variety, and a further 40% of that waste comprises plastic bottles. Every time you opt for the plastic bottle, you’re increasing the demand for an object that takes almost 500 years to degrade. Thus, you would be well advised to resist buying bottled water just because it’s convenient and may be better-tasting than tap water. Go instead for quality filtered water that you can bottle up in a reusable container.

Access to the cleanest, most refreshing water in Perth is just a short call away with Aussie Natural Filtration. Call us at 1300-360-332 to ask about the range of filter taps, in-line filters, and under-the-sink filters that we can install in your home or workplace. As regards Australia’s water quality, you can entrust us to make what’s already good into something even better. Contact Aussie Natural Filtration for pure water today!