The Freshest Reasons to get a Water Filter

The Freshest Reasons to get a Water Filter
May 1, 2018 dev

More and more in today’s society, consumers are seeking out healthier and safer choices. Everything from the food we eat and the water we drink is being put under scrutiny, and it is essential that we have access to the options we want to preserve our health and wellbeing. Water filters in Perth homes and businesses are becoming increasingly popular. Filters offer not only fresher tasting water but also lots of other benefits. We examine some of the benefits here.

Water Filter System

Safe and Clean

While we enjoy excellent quality tap water in Australia, we have not entirely escaped from our share of contamination incidents. From pesticide runoff from farms to firefighting foam, it seems there is no limitation on the variety of industries that have affected our drinking water over time.

Using a water filtration system can provide you with some sense of security when you consume directly from the tap. An option from Aussie Natural Filtration Hyrdrotap range is excellent as a built-in solution to your premises be it residential or commercial. There are 11 different models in the collection, and each one can be fitted by one of our dedicated and highly skilled plumbers.

Cost Effectiveness

Regardless of what type of water filter you opt for, there is going to be a cost attached. This cost, however, is minimal in comparison to the price of bottled water. Over your lifetime if you were to calculate how much you spend on bottled water, you could buy several water filters!

Of course, not only better value for money than water, but filtration systems also represent great environmental consciousness. Think of all the plastic you are saving on by not buying bottled! You can be just a little smug when you profess your dedication to environmental preservation!

Handy Habit

Cold water filters that produce cold or room temperature water are convenient additions to office environments. Staff will appreciate the option of fresh drinking water on hand, and if you are feeling particularly fancy, treat them to a hot and cold water dispenser. These filter systems enable the user to have hot water for their coffee or the cool stuff for instant hydration. Also, the less time that your staff members are making a hot drink means the more considerable amount of time they are productive.

Aussie Natural Filtration offers excellent value and selection of water filter systems in Perth. We have a knowledgeable and friendly team that take pleasure in advising you on what filter system will suit your needs. Our trained plumbers are adept at installing our full range of products, so you can start enjoying Aussie Natural water in no time! Call us today for a no-obligation quote!