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The Difference a Water Filter Can Make

If you’re a resident of Perth in Western Australia, your drinking water is likely sourced from any of one of the state’s primary water resources, which include groundwater, groundwater replenishment, desalinated seawater, or surface water from dams. Thanks to Australia’s competent tap water system, water from each of these sources can flow into a Perth home in a form that’s already drinkable. But if asked whether tap water at the point of consumption is good enough for them, many a Perth resident will admit that it actually has a hard aftertaste or a metallic odour—and sadly, that they’d instead prefer commercial bottled water to what they have at home. 

At Aussie Natural Filtration, we believe that a water filter can make a world of a difference. A water filter serves as a secondary line of defence against various impurities. You can employ a filter to screen your water of biological contaminants such as harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites, or traces of inorganic chemical compounds that can increase a population’s risk for cancer, organ damage, and other medical conditions. At the same time, the filter can remove the unpleasant flavours left over by chlorine and fluoride treatment, leaving you with nothing but a pure, healthy, and fresh-tasting product. 

If you want water of this calibre straight out of your faucet, or dispensed right into your cup, then Aussie Natural Filtration has the solutions for you!

We Offer a Wide Selection of Water Filter Accessories at Aussie Natural Filtration

A first-time buyer of a water filter with its own matching water filter accessories should know that not all filtration systems are built the same way. Some are meant to be attachments installed in certain locations, such as over the faucet or under the sink, while others can perform as standalone units. They may also feature different types of filter media, which determine the fineness of the particles they can screen and the types of impurities they can filter out.

It’s important to choose the right water filter accessories for your circumstance, whether it be for home or office use. Aussie Natural Filtration has a well-stocked inventory, and we are more than happy to help our Perth customers get the products that suit them best. 

Water Filter Accessories for Standalone Filtration Systems. Aussie Natural Filtration sells top-quality standalone units such as cool and cold water filter dispensers and hot and cold water filtration systems. Such units take up little space but are strong performers in filtration, thanks to their very efficient filter accessories like 5-micron carbon block filters and 1-micron sediment filters. Moreover, they are designed for optimum energy efficiency, allowing you to save money over the long term, whether you use them for at home or in the office.

Water Filter Accessories for Highflow Inline Water Filter Systems.
We also offer inline water filter systems that can be installed under the sink. One of our most popular products, the PureMix X7, can filter sediment particles as minuscule as 1 micron using its highly efficient X7-R ionic silver-based antimicrobial carbon filtration media. It also utilises a hygienic and easy-to-use quick-twist cartridge system, so maintaining it will be a breeze.

Water Filter Accessories for Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems.
Reverse osmosis is a process in which the unwanted contaminants in water, such as microorganisms, salts, and heavy metals, are filtered through a semi-permeable membrane. This is one of the most popular methods for purifying drinking water around the world, so we’ve made sure to include reverse osmosis undersink water filter units in our inventory of solutions. The Puretec R0270, for example, is a reverse osmosis unit that operates with a simple dual-cartridge system. Its filter accessories include the Puretec RET1812-75 filter membrane, as well as the Puretec MC051 and the Puretec CB951 for taste and odour removal.

Water Filter Accessories for Whole-House Water Filter Systems.
Do you need a water filter that can help reduce the taste, odour, chemicals, and sediments in your water throughout your house? If you do, then you’ll love our
Puretec WH2 whole-house slimline water filter system series. Requiring no power and conveniently easy to maintain, this unit uses filter accessories like the Puretec PX052 for sediment removal and the Puretec CB102 for taste and odour removal.

Water Filter Accessories for Filtered Tap Systems.
Lastly, Aussie Natural Filtration also offers several filtered tap systems, including the no-nonsense Zip Hydrotap BCS, the slender Zip Hydrotap Arc BCS, and the sophisticated Zip Hydrotap Celsius All-in-one ARC BCSHA. Any of these upgraded taps will provide you with pure, clean-tasting water anytime you want it. Equipped with water filter accessories and components for boiling, cooling, and carbonation, these filtered tap systems are truly fantastic additions to any kitchen.

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For many customers, Aussie Natural Filtration comes top of mind when they’re looking for topnotch water filtration systems and water filter accessories in Perth. Not only do we supply high-quality products for our customers; we also offer repair and replacement services. In addition, we do deliveries of filter units and replacement cartridges to properties in the Perth metropolitan area and surrounding WA locations.  We are all-around water filtration specialists, and we assist our Perth clients every step of the way—from installation of their new filters to after-sales maintenance. 

Call us at 1300-360-332 for inquiries, or get in touch with us on through our contact page. For clean and great-tasting water, go the Aussie Natural way!

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